​​​​​Looking to get involved in your child's school? The Mt. Sinai PTO is looking for volunteers for a number of events throughout the school year. 

We are all short on time so if you could pencil us in for just 1 hour, your child would be so happy to see you at school and the PTO would be so appreciative of your help. 

Click here for the Fall 2016 Volunteer Form

For further information, please contact Ediemarie Lupo-Tuttle at: mountsinaipto@yahoo.com

​November 1, 2013

​Dear Parents/PTO Volunteers:

​As you are all aware, the Mount Sinai School District has implemented a new security system. As part of that system, we are required to produce our driver's licenses to gain access to any of the buildings. Another part of this enhanced security system requires the PTO to provide a list of the volunteers assigned to a particular event prior to the start of that event. Please note that this list is generated after the Volunteer Coordinator has personally contacted each volunteer to assist, and only those on that list will be allowed into the building to work at that event. This is a District wide policy. We hope that you can all understand that for the safety of our children, these security policies were implemented and will be strictly enforced without exception. As always, we appreciate your support and look forward to a successful school year.


The Mount Sinai PTO